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KONZERT | Mary’s Kids (Swe)/Electric Love(D)/Sonic Abuse(D)

2. Juni 2015 @ 20:00


Since almost a decade MARY’S KIDS from Stockholm are making their way all throughout Europe with their tremendously ass-kicking sound, which is based in 70ies punkrock as much as in the oldschool hardcore of the 80ies and high-octane fueled Scandinavian rock’n’roll of the 90ies.

The first line-up of the band was formed 2006 in front-lady Marianne’s native country Norway, after her old band MENSEN split up. Following the release of the first 7inch „Destroy“ Marianne relocated the band to Sweden and with a completely new line-up the self-titled debut-LP was released on „One 78 Records“ (Germany) and „Flotation Records“ (USA) in 2009. It was highly acclaimed by the critics and led MARY’S KIDS on their first tours in Germany, which helped the four-piece to build up a great reputation as a highly energetic and extremely tight live-band. After some further line-up changes (also Johan Blomqvist of BACKYARD BABIES-fame played the bass for a while), the second LP called „Say No!“ came out on „Ghost Highway Recordings“, which took them to even greater heights: The songs are still fast and raw, but at the same time also contain a lot of catchy pop-hooks that will make you want to grab a beer, before you start to completely freak out in the exploding pogo-mob!

MARY’S KIDS today are a better live band than ever: The rabid and unothodox lead guitar of Erik Bystedt is backed up by the ultra-powerful rhythm section consisting of none the less than ex-HELLACOPTERS-member Kenny Håkansson on bass and Glenn Sundell on drums and up-front, „in the eye of the hurricane“ so to say, there’s Mary Currie, bursting out merciless power-chords, whilst her sometimes screaming, yet mostly melodic voice adds some decent „pop appeal“ to all of that – but, of course, in the most „punkrock-ish“ meaning of the word!


2. Juni 2015


Unter Deck


Unter Deck
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